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How It All Started...

It all started in 2008, when Rinamarie Shpiruk—mother of three boys—adopted her daughter, Myah, from China. Myah arrived plagued by a host of health problems. Now 17, she has since undergone several surgeries. But at the time of her adoption, classmates of her brothers Devon, Trevor and Mitchell teased them for having a sister who looked different and had medical needs.

Rather than react, Rinamarie decided to enlighten. She spoke to the class about Myah’s story. She ended up speaking to their hearts—and in time the hearts of the entire community—which soon learned of the family’s financial challenges covering the costs of Myah’s healthcare. Rinamarie and Myah lived in and out of the Ronald McDonald House in Ohio for over ten years. Her kids remained in Florida. Rinamarie lived in this hospitality house, which she claims saved her life on so many levels. She wanted to create that same business model but for homeless children.

The subsequent outpouring of support astounded the Shpiruk family. So many people—so many of them perfect strangers—heard her vision and rose to respond. It was an answer to her prayers.
With determination, organized action and a belief that anything is possible, they resolved that help could be provided in a way that benefitted the helpers just as much as those who received it, transforming the community along the way. And Ms. Rina’s House of Blessings came to fruition.

Radical, audacious, uncompromising kindness. That is the spirit behind Elev8Hope.

Powered by the passion and energy of young people, inspired by a small band of local leaders, birthed from a tragedy-turned-triumph, this acclaimed nonprofit is committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of Martin County residents most in need. The homeless and the hungry. The lonely and the neglected. Families struck by sudden hardships. Children challenged with disabilities. All—and so many more—find relief, rest and real love at Hope Central Station, the Stuart headquarters of Elev8Hope.

Its currency is faith, hope and love. Its mission is simple: Bring help to the hurting, friendship to the forgotten, light to the darkness. Rinamarie’s story started in a hospitality house and she says her chapter will end in a hospitality house… Ms Rinas House of Blessings.

Welcome Home.

Our Mission

We provide support and hope to struggling families with children! Through educating, training, and inspiring our youth to become compassionate leaders, Elev8Hope’s works to positively impact the community of Martin County by connecting with individuals and families struggling to meet the most basic requirements of daily living.

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